Homework for Thursday, Sept. 16, 2010

Key Concepts from Today’s Class

  • In the first two weeks of this course we are focussing on introducing you to Psychological Skills Training (PST) as you will need this information to analzye each film.
  • 3 types of research methods commonly used in discipline:  qualitative, quantitative (group and single-subject designs) – you should now know how to execute a basic version of each of these (as we have done each in class).
  • 4 types of assessment for Psychological Skills Training Program (PST):  Informal questionnaire or rating scale (e.g., Suinn, 1986), Psychometric Questionnaire or Instrument (e.g., CSAI-2), Behavioural (e.g., charting of Jonathon Power’s on-court behavior), and Interview (Orlick’s (1980) Self-Control Interview (interviewing each other about Best & Worst would be another example of this).
  • 5 Categories of Psychological Skills (Bacon, 1989).
  • Very few validated PST programs – Suinn’s being one of only a few.
  • PST Process:  Assess, Set Goals, Select techniques, monitor/log training, re-assess.


  1. Complete the CSAI-2.  This version is designed to assess your “state anxiety” (at the moment you complete it – i.e., designed to be used right before competition).  I want you to complete it as a “trait” questionnaire – i.e., answer based on how you “usually” or “generally” feel before competitions (you would have covered the diference between “state” and “trait” in PSY 111).
  2. Read my article on Designing Mental Training Programs (Bacon, 1989).  After reading it you should be able to a) classify different mental skills into the five groups; b) explain the three stages of learning a mental skill; c) provide an example of a sport-specific (i.e., EXACTLY where and when would you use this skill in practice or competition) mental skill for your sport (for each of the five groups of skills); d) provide an example of a simulation exercise for your sport.
  3. Be prepared to discuss the last part of the previous homework we did not get to today (argue for or against Loehr’s IPS model using your data).  And bring your laptops with Excel to calculate a correlation coefficient (you will need your data from the completed IPS cards)
  4. As discussed in class #1, I will be assigning text reading on Thursday – so make sure you have a copy of the text.


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