Homework for Thursday, September 9, 2010


Nice meeting you all!

1.  Please find attached a ESS220 Class 1 Summary – including homework.  The only item mentioned which we did not do (we will do it next class) is the IPS Rating Card.

2.  I have also attached the Loehr (1982). IPS for you to read (AFTER you type up your best-ever description).

3.  I have also attached a .jpg of text info – as I mentioned it looks like Amazon has some copies for about $25 – obviously there are other sources too – I would get on it ASAP as the alternative is $75-85 new. 

4.  I have also attached the Smith College Guide to Writing Papers which you should have with you at all times.

5. Here is link to AASP (this is link for coaches – you should also check out rest of site – 10 min. total) .

6. Lastly – you one chance to make suggestions for new films (we will be doing “Rain” from Bahamas), international choices would be particularly appreciated – make your suggestion in the comments box on this page .  (you can also peek around last year’s class blog before I roll it over).

E-mail me with any questions.




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