Homework for Tuesday, September 14, 2010


1.  If you have just joined the course you need to complete Homework #1 (see previous post)

2.  Here is the homework for Tuesday:

a)  Do three visualization sessions before class – I have attached the instructions as a PDF: VMBR 1);

b) Come to class prepared to discuss (argue, support with specific evidence, etc.) whether or not the qualitative and quantitative data from your best and worst performances (if you are new fill out an IPS Rating Card for each – attached as a PDF in previous post) support (i.e., fit) Loehr’s IPS model.

c) Below is a video of how to do a t-test, in case we do another – in fact bring your laptops with Excel (make sure you have the data analysis package working) and we will calculate a correlation coefficient for two variables (quantitative skills are part of the new Smith Learning Design – unfortunately for you).

Hope you had a good weekend,



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