Homework for Tuesday, September 21, 2010 – Part I

Part 1

  1. Read Seaboune et al. (1985) article which used Suinn’s “Seven Steps to Peak Performance” as a mental training manual in the treatment groups.  Complete this  Journal Report Form Seabourne.1985, print it out and bring to class prepared to discuss and/or hand in.
  2. Make sure to bring your example of a sport-specific and competitive mental training exercise to class.  You will work together with those in a similar sport (e.g., field hockey with lacrosse or tennis with squash, etc.) to complete a table with examples for all five mental skill groups.

These videos provide examples of sport-specific and competitive exercises for the sport of squash:

Part 2

Will be to complete two visualizations (Suinn’s VMBR) prior to Tuesday’s class.  The instructions and training log will be uploaded here shortly (they need to be scanned in the Seelye basement lab).  One is an example of a “Specific Preparation Phase” training exercise and the other an example of a “Competitive Phase” training exercise.


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