Homework for Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010

  1. “Remember the Titans” is on reserve at Neilson (VHS).  Again, a reminder that it is your responsibility to obtain a copy of the film to be analyzed at your own expense (Netflix recommended).
  2. Read the Paper#2 description carefully to make sure you understand the assignment completely.  I have included links to Situational Leadership resources – you are of course free to find others on your own.
  3. Kristen Gilroy and Lizzie BelBruno will be presenting “Remember the Titans next Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010.  They will have 30-45 minutes to present their topic:  Situational Leadership and Remember the Titans – in which they will attempt to cover all the points in the assignment using video examples/clips from the film.  You will have an opportunity to query and challenge them as they present.  They will hand out a viewing guide (or e-mail it to you shortly before the start of the class).  All presenters are free to contact me for assistance (24 hours notice please).
  4. Here is the very rough viewing guide we whipped up quickly in class today that you can use in your viewing of the film prior to Tuesday’s class (recommended method):  Titans Viewing Guide
  5. Here is a copy of the Situational Leadership Model (SLM) case studies we looked at in class today: Situational Leadership Scenarios Updated 2007 Here are my answers (obviously open to interpretation):  Situational Leadership Scenarios Answers. If you have a different viewpoint you can post your comments in the box below for your classmates.
  6. I will post the remaining schedule of films and presenters by Sunday evening.

Key Points From Today’s Class

  1. Sport psych (SP) history:  trait (50’s-60’s), behavioral (60’s-70’s), and finally interactional approach (80’s to present) to research/models.
  2. Bert Carron and colleagues
  3. SLM is drawn from the area of Organizational Behavior or Organizational/Industrial Psychology.
  4. Managerial Grid was precursor to SLM.

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