Homework for Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010

Key Points From Today’s Class

  1. Film assignments/schedule can be downloaded here:  ESS 220.Film.Schedule.Fall 2010. Contact me immediately with any errors/omissions.
  2. Arousal-performance relationship models – lecture slides can be downloaded here (these are the key elements in the text to focus on for the film analysis):  Arousal-Performance Slides.
  3. Nideffer’s Model of Attention in sport – especially the relationship of attention and arousal (activation) and it’s relationship to “choking” – lecture slides can be downloaded here:  Attention Slides.
  4. Early mis-measurement of arousal using anxiety measures leading to erroneous conclusions regarding the Inverted-U model.


  1. Read the text Chapter on “Arousal-Performance Relationships” – focusing on the models and terms covered in today’s lecture.
  2. Complete the SCAT and post your score in the comment box below by Wednesday, October 13, midnight (so I can compute the correlation between the SCAT and CTAI-2):  SCAT.
  3. Read the text Chapter on “Concentration & Strategies for Controlling It” – focusing on understanding and applying Nideffer’s model and much less (or not at all) the training strategies in the second half of the chapter.
  4. Complete the TAIS short version (description in text), of Nideffer’s Questionnaire to assess “attentional style”TAIS.
  5. Choose and watch either The Replacements or Invincible – you must write a paper on all of the above topics and one of the films.  A complete paper description and viewing guide will be posted here by Saturday midnight.

Important Notes:

  1. Remember that the questionnaires and homework you complete will be part of your graded “portfolio” – I’ll give instructions next week on how you will submit it (e.g., the SCAT and TAIS will be part of this portfolio).
  2. Note the pedagogical sequence for film analysis in our course:
  • “First exposure” – simplified lecture on topic by Tim;
  • A “personal” application of concepts completed by student (questionnaire or analysis of themselves or their sport);
  • Text Reading – more in depth exposure to topic (after having been introduced to concepts);
  • Paper or presentation – analysis/application of concepts to film.

12 Responses to “Homework for Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010”

  1. Lena Sernoff Says:

    SCAT score=26
    (Lena Sernoff)

  2. Allie Stein Says:

    SCAT score-16

  3. Camilla Claiborn Says:

    When is the paper on “The Replacements” or “Invincible” due?

    • Tim Bacon Says:

      I will post the full paper description including due date this evening about 9 pm (I think I said that in class but cannot remember with 100% fidelity). the principle i am using is to make it due about the time we start our next topic so as to minimize contextual interference – although obviously sometimes topics are complementary. tim

      Tim Bacon, BPHE, M.A. Lecturer, Exercise & Sport Studies/ Head Coach of Squash, Smith College Ainsworth Gym 102 Lower College Lane Northampton MA 01063

      Follow the Smith Squash Team (smithsquash) on Twitter! Follow me (squashscience) on Twitter! The Smith Squash Team Blog: http://www.smithcollegesquash.wordpress.com My coaching blog: http://www.scienceofcoachingsquash.wordpress.com Watch my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/squashscience

      Mobile: 1-413-330-8222 Office: 1-413-585-2715 Fax: 1-413-585-2712 SKYPE: tbacon2001

  4. Emma Coffin Says:

    SCAT score -19

  5. Melissa Tandy Says:

    SCAT Score – 27

  6. Camilla Claiborn Says:

    SCAT = 24

  7. Beth Eby Says:


  8. shakwana etienne Says:

    scat = 13

  9. Sarah Pedicini Says:

    Scat = 24

  10. Marie Wallace Says:

    SCAT 21

  11. Eleni Scordilis Says:

    SCAT score = 23

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