Today’s Web Class: Thursday, Oct.28, 2010: 1-2:20 pm.

Today, I find myself in a situation very similar to Coach Herman Boone in “Remember the Titans” (or even Herb Brooks!):

  • I have been coaching the squash team since October 13.  Since only one of the seven athletes is new – we basically have been in the “Norming” stage, with everyone understanding their role and practicing at a fairly high level for early season.
  • Today – we have four “new” players joining the squash team – all of them TENNIS players (so analogous to the different “units” we saw in “Titans” and “Miracle” – one of them already demonstrating “animosity towards the coach”.
  • My assistant, a wonderfully competent person and coach (former Head Coach at Williams College) – has a coaching style similar to Herman’s and Herb’s assistant coaches – HIGH CONCERN for the person.
  • Due to the potential for disruptive STORMING, I am foregoing my original plan to attend the AASP Conference (which is killing me since I am actually a Charter Member from it’s inception in 1986 and they are celebrating 25 years this conference).  Here is the AASP Conference : AASP 2010 Conference Program – please take a look at some point during class today.

We are changing the topic of today’s class from Sport Psychology Webcast to Wikispaces editing of our  first three (four films) papers:  Miracle, Titans, Replacements, Invincible.  If you recall, collaborating on a Wiki of our class papers is one of the activities that makes up 15% of the “Portfolio” part of your grade.


The purpose of the Wikispaces editing is to edit (modify, refine, etc.) each of the papers to produce the best possible paper.  Each of you will be placed in a group and assigned one of the papers to edit (so four groups of eight people).  The Wiki software allows multiple people to edit a paper simultaneously – and also tracks the contributions of each person in the group (i.e., I can see what your input and activity has been).  I will also nominate a group leader for each paper, as you may want to coordinate your actions as opposed to acting randomly (e.g., one person does intro, a second the conclusion, a third the References/APA, the fourth Part 1, etc.). I will delegate this part to you.

Step 1:  Sign up for a Wikispaces account by 1:05 pm – as I will have to give you permission to join the Wiki:  you can join here.

Step 2: Watch this video for a “basic” overview of Wikis:

Step 3: If you have not edited a paper using a Wiki before the interface is simply like Word or Groupwise or Moodle – but here is a video that shows some of the Wikispaces’ basics:

Step 4: Check back at 1:00 for group assignment!


2 Responses to “Today’s Web Class: Thursday, Oct.28, 2010: 1-2:20 pm.”

  1. Lizzy BelBruno Says:

    Are we meeting for class since you’re here or is all of this just going to be on here?

  2. Camilla Claiborn Says:

    my wikispaces name is cclaiborn, if you need that info.

    also when is this assignment due?

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