Webclass: Further, further instructions

  1. The first person named in each group is the leader.
  2. Three of the four papers are there – I am just formatting the Invincible paper – it should be there shortly.
  3. I suggest you start by looking at the posted Outline first – perhaps make sure it is comprehensive – then start on the paper – Group Leaders take over.  Perhaps you can use the “Discussion” function to communicate – there is always e-mail to.

4 Responses to “Webclass: Further, further instructions”

  1. Camilla Claiborn Says:

    A bunch of us are really confused. When is this assignment due?

  2. Awa Says:

    I’m also confused. I found the page and tried to join, but it says that it is waiting approval.

  3. Melissa Tandy Says:

    You don’t have to join, he made it public so that you can just begin using the page without joining

  4. Sarah Pedicini Says:

    when is this due?

    and will there only be one paper posted for each movie? I didn’t write a paper for the movie I was assigned to.

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