Webclass – Further Instructions

  1. Here is the link to the Wikispaces page.
  2. I have made access PUBLIC today – so you should nothave to request access (in future – yes).
  3. Here are the groups:

Andrews to D’Elia:  Miracle

Dimatteo to Gainer:  Titans

Gilroy to Scordilis: Replacements

Sernoff to Zucker: Invincible

3.  Open up a copy of your paper (if you have one – it is not necessary to have one to start revising).  At the end of the class you will peek at all four papers – making any edits you like – so have all four available.

Check back in 5 minutes!



6 Responses to “Webclass – Further Instructions”

  1. Lena Sernoff Says:

    You assigned me to the group who is doing Invincible but that is the movie I presented on so I do not have a paper on it. Is that going to be a problem?

  2. Melissa Tandy Says:

    How do we open a copy of our paper?

    Should we be editing each others and then end with one “best” paper as a combination of all the papers of the group?

  3. Melissa Tandy Says:

    Or is the goal is that we each post our paper and then everyone edits everyone else’s papers? So we should end up with 8 “best” papers?

  4. Eleni Scordilis Says:

    I think that we edit the paper he has put up for us?

  5. Melissa Tandy Says:

    I also have the same situation as Lena

  6. Melissa Tandy Says:

    Oh okay I see, thanks!

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