Update for Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010

  1. If you wrote a Replacements/Invincible paper, you should have  received your graded paper back.  Ideally, you should read my feedback on this paper PRIOR to submitting your Murderball paper (earlier is DEFINITELY not always better – MANY examples in real, everyday life). If you have already submitted Murderball – you may have 24 hours to resubmit and modify your Murderball paper based on my feedback. If you submitted a paper and have not received your graded feedback, contact me ASAP.
  2. Note that I am using (as mentioned in class one or two) a PROGRESSIVE approach in both papers and grading – I expect your analysis and written communication to improve over the course, as the topics also become “more difficult”.  Make sure that you continue to implement changes from previous papers.
  3. We have three themes for our analysis of Tin Cup that I will be “lecturing” on tomorrow:  1) PST for Golf; 2) Ethics of Sport Psych Consulting/When to Refer for Psychotherapy; 3) Self-Confidence/Self-Efficacy/Self-Talk.
  4. I will present the method you will use to submit your “Portfolio” of homework/small things (questionnaires, interviews, etc.) tomorrow.

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