Homework for Thursday, November 4, 2010

  1. I have posted the links to materials we used in class today AND a few additional links concerning our topics for Tin Cup on the Tin Cup page. There is a “rough” outline of what is required for the paper – I will refine it early Wed. morning.
  2. Reminder that you need to keep copies of all of the “small but essential homework items” together for your portfolio – this includes the questionnaires completed in class today.
  3. Due to time constraints, I chose to grade your Replacements/Invincible papers BEFORE grading the Titans papers (I am assuming that your Titans papers would be more or less the same quality as your Miracle papers).  Since you did not have an opportunity to view my feedback on your Miracle papers BEFORE you wrote your Titans papers, I am NOW offering you the option to go back and revise and resubmit your Titans papers ONLY IF YOU WISH TO DO SO (i.e., optional – e.g., if you got a GOOD grade and minimal feedback  on Miracle you may not feel it is necessary to resubmit). The date for resubmission (again – only if you wish to do so) is Monday, November 29th at midnight.  I do need EVERYONE in the class to just e-mail me and tell me “yes” or “no” to resubmit – you need to do this by 12:59 pm this Thursday (i.e., before Thursday’s class).

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