Ping Pong Paper Update, Nov. 14, 2010

  1. All needed references are now posted on our Ping Pong page.
  2. If you have not submitted a team already to me via e-mail, I will assign you to a group by 3 pm this afternoon.  In the meantime you should/could make sure you have read all reference materials (i.e., text & articles) so you are ready to write on any of the three parts of the paper.
  3. Remember that due date is this Tuesday (or later if you have not received a graded paper back by that deadline – I would like you to incorporate my suggestions to this paper).
  4. Mini-tests for papers not written: My suggestion is either right before or right after class on a Tues. or Thurs. (or both) after Thanksgiving – each test take about 15 min. (so 3-4 in an hour – or 1-2 on two dates).  Remember the purpose is just to make sure you can demonstrate an  “adequate” understanding of key concepts (be able to give an example from film – no attention to writing).  We can discuss on Tuesday.

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