Homework for Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010 & Update!

  1. I have refined the paper description for Billy Elliot and posted all of the references here.
  2. There seemed some confusion yesterday about the number of papers, tests, etc.  I have just re-read the description of how you will be evaluated which has been posted since the the first week of classes – it seems very clear to me. Please re-read it if you have any questions: Evaluation page.
  3. Reminder that the Wiki paper on Ping Pong is due after Thanksgiving – the exact date being Tuesday, Nov. 30 by midnight (I will clarify Wikispaces procedures in class tomorrow).
  4. Reminder that the mini-tests for topics not written or presented will start after Thanksgiving – my preferred times are either right before class (12:15-1:00) or right after class (2:20-3:30). each mini-test will take about 15-20 minutes maximum and will consist of 4-5 short-answer questions (e.g., briefly describe and give an example of “maladaptive”, ego-oriented behavior).  hopefully you would be able to give examples from our films to answer the questions.

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