Burton Stairwell Update (College Notice)


I have noticed over the past week that more and more individuals are using the South Stairwell as a method to go up and down between floors of Burton Hall.

This stairwell is shutdown to all faculty, students and staff alike while the contractors work within this stairwell. Currently they are installing 6″x 10′ sections of fire protection standpipes and I need to reemphasize the importance that no one other than construction workers use this stairwell.

You can gain access to the offices off of the stairwell landings, however no one should be traveling up and down the stairwell until it is reopened back to the general public. We are anticipating that the stairwell will be reopened sometime mid-December.

Please use either the Burton Hall North Stairwell or the central stairwell between Sabin-Reed/Burton.

Please be sure to share this information with your students.


If any construction related emergency occurs within Sabin Reed or Burton Hall, please use the following list to contact someone from the construction team :

Mike Canal – Bond Brothers Project Superintendent : (617) 828-2802 – Cell

Robert Dooley – Bond Brothers Project Manager : (617) 908-7752 – Cell

Chad Siebel – Smith College Project Manager : (617) 596-2691 – Cell


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