Update: Mini-Test, Portfolio, Wikispaces & grading

  1. Details of mini-test are on the Mini-Test page.
  2. Details of the Portfolio submission are on the Portfolio page.
  3. If you have not already coordinated and posed your Ping Pong Wikispaces paper – I think the easiest thing to do is simply get together and create your own separate Wikispaces page (separate from our class Wiki).  Get instructions for this from the Wikispaces “Help” or YouTube (if available) and just e-mail me the link.
  4. I was hoping to have graded another set of papers – but a racquet to the mouth of one of my players at Tuesday’s practice necessitated 4 hours at the emergency (Tuesday evening) and then another four (Wed. 10-2) at the dentist (takes about 8 hours to grade 16 papers). My next chance to grade will be Monday (two day team tournament at Wesleyan this weekend – 5 matches).

Once again a reminder that I have designed this course so that your work during the last two weeks will be minimal (or non-existent) as we have “front-loaded” the work.  So theoretically the only person working should be me (grading) and those presenting Beckham and Training Rules.


One Response to “Update: Mini-Test, Portfolio, Wikispaces & grading”

  1. Melissa Tandy Says:

    Hey Everyone! Not all of your names come up when I was trying to e-mail my ppt out, so if it didn’t get to you just shoot me an e-mail (mtandy@smith.edu) and I’ll send it back.

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