Portfolio Checklist

As discussed, I have simply made up with the checklist by going back to the first post on our blog’s main page – so items are simply in chronological order – except that I have made a separate list for questionnaires (in case you would like to reference them as you go through your athletic experiences/life to help explain your behavior (a couple of items from film pages – these are noted). Thanks to Genevieve for providing a list which I used to double-check the list!:


1. Personal Best Description
2. VMBR exercise

3. Journal Report Form on Seabourne et al. (1985)

4. Sport-specific “specific preparation phase” and “competitive phase” mental training examples

5. Complete Ravizza Chapter Review Form.

6. Complete 2-Factor ANOVA

7.  Attentional Exercise

8. Wikispaces edits (4-5)


1.IPS Rating Card Card

2. CSAI-2 (as CTAI-2 – trait)


4. TAIS-SF (Short Form)

5. TOPS for Roy – or self (Tin Cup paper description)

6. TSCI for Roy (or Self – Tin Cup description)

7. TEOSQ and PMCSQ-2 (class handout Ping Pong)

8. FSS-2 (class handout Ping Pong)


2 Responses to “Portfolio Checklist”

  1. camilla claiborn Says:

    do we have to submit the anova and wikispaces edits? we did those online in class

  2. Tim Bacon Says:

    Wikispace edits – no – I can check them. For ANOVA submit a definition of ANOVA in your own words.

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