Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011

  1. Write a one-page (no more – no less) description of your best-ever performance in sport (or other performance activity) focussing on the psychological or emotional aspects of your performance.  Formatting requirements:  double-spaced, 1″ margins, separate title page (also double-spaced) with a title for your paper, our class title, your name, the date you wrote the paper.  Bring TWO copies of your paper and a TWO highlighters (2 different colors) to class with you.
  2. Email me your top three choices (1,2,3) of film AND topic (if you are uncertain about this just submit the film) for your presentation (choices are listed on the right side of  this blog).
  3. Here is a copy of our DRAFT class schedule:  ESS 220 Fall 2011 Course Outline DRAFT.
  4. Remember that we have a special film/viewing lecture this Wed., Sept. 14, from 8:00 – 11:00 pm where I am going to a) go over “how to analyze film” and b) present the analysis of the first film “Ping Pong”  you will be writing a paper on.
  5. Link to text for our course is here:  Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology (5th Ed.).  Note the e-book is cheapest.
  6. Quick reminder of evaluation (to be posted in more detail with final syllabus):
  • Develop and submit a Mental Training Program (MTP) – 20% – last class.
  • Final Test – 50 multiple choice/short answer – 20% – last class.
  • Film Analysis Presentation (30 min.) – 20%
  • Paper 1 – Ping Pong – 10%
  • Paper 2 (15%) & 3 (15%) – your choice of film

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