Homework for Wed. Sept. 14, 2011

Here are the readings you will need to analyze and write your paper on “Ping Pong”.
Acknowledging that you may not have time to read them all before watching the film –  read as much as you can.  If you cannot – no problem – you can read them after.  The purpose of this first reading is “background” – the readings will be a little bit more in depth than my lecture, and will make you more familiar with the terms I will be using to analyze the film.
I have listed the readings in the order you should try and read them:
AGT Readings:

Text Reading:

Motivation:  51-55

Personality:  29-33

Achievement: 65-67

Competitiveness: 105-109

Children: 516-520

Chapter in Book:

Harwood, C., & Biddle, S. (2002). The application of achievement goal theory in youth sport. In I.M. Cockerill (Ed.) Solutions in sport psychology (pp. 58-64). International Thomson Business.  AGT

Reminder to complete the two questionnaires we handed out in class – bring them both to the presentation as we will score them together before the start of the film.

Flow Readings:

Text Reading:  pp. 148-155

Journal Article:

Jackson, S.A., Ford, S.K., Kimiecik, J.C., & Marsh, H.W. (1998). Psychological correlates of flow in sport. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 4, 358-378.  Jackson, et al. (1998)  (Read the introduction and the discussion at the end)

Here is the link to Chick-sent-mihali talking about flow (start watching at the 2:00 minute mark):  http://www.ted.com/talks/mihaly_csikszentmihalyi_on_flow.html

Cultural Sport Psychology Reading:

Kozuma, Y. (2009). Samurai & science:  Sport psychology in Japan. In R.J. Schinke, & S.J. Hanrahan (Eds.). Cultural Sport Psychology (pp. 205-217). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Kozuma (2009)

Reminder that our class tomorrow, Wed. September 14, will start at 8:30 sharp down at the squash courts – we will start with a short ping pong lesson so you are familiar enough with the sport to understand the psychological significance of the technical aspects of the game.

At 9:00 p.m. I will role model the film analysis – how to obtain and set up your video, how to create a viewing guide, how to annotate while you watch.

You should make every effort to attend, as it will make writing this and future papers and your presentation much easier.  If you are unable to attend, I will be videotaping key parts of my presentation that you can access and watch later.

In Thursday’s class, we will take the data and analysis you collected during my presentation , and work on setting up your paper in the style used in sport psychology (very different from the life sciences and English for example).


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