Homework for Thursday, September 29, 2011

  1. Do three, 10-minute relaxation training sessions between now and next Tuesday, October 4th – you will hand in the log at that time (level of relaxation before and after your training).
  2. For Thursday’s class:  develop a sport-specific exercise (about 5-10 minutes in length) for each of the five mental skills for your sport (or performance activity).  Be prepared to present your sport-specific exercise to the rest of the class (what procedures exactly, when during practice, where you will do it, and why – what is the purpose?).
  3. Read Chapter 11 in the text on PST (read once – background reading to get an overview).
  4. Read both the Orlick & Partington (1988) and Bacon (1989) articles:  Orlick & Partington (1988), Bacon (1989). Again – background reading to get an overview of PST – so just read once – no need to take notes.
  5. A few more “virtual conference” tweets will be coming out for you to check out.
  6. Spend 30 minutes “editing” your peer’s paper.  Check for typos and spelling, and highlight areas where “grammar could be better” or where “things could be more clear”.

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