Homework for Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

  1. I have posted the updated Course syllabus here.
  2. Homework is to use the SPORT DISCUS database (1.7 million records), accessible through the Smith Library Main Page (use the drop down resources menu to find Exercise & Sport Studies), to find a peer-reviewed Journal article on a PST program for your sport.  It should be an article which is a report on a PST program (i.e., participants in the study did mental training and the researchers evaluated whether or not the PST program worked). If you are a non-Smith student, you may only have access in one of the Smith Libraries (i.e., you have to go there and use a Smith computer).  Write a brief half-page summary of the article, and be prepared to present an overview of the article to your classmates (30-60s).
  3. Our first short quiz for those who have not written either the Miracle or Titans papers will take place at the end of class (if you recall:  5-6 multiple choice/short answer questions per topic – pass/fail, based mostly on the assigned text readings).
  4. Our topic next class is:  Self-Confidence (& Self-Efficacy) which will be analyzed through the film Invincible.

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