Tues. Nov. 1 Class cancelled and other updates!

Due to the internet-driven nature of our course and a wide variety of disablement due to power outages I am cancelling class tomorrow.

We will adjust our schedule by simply shifting one class AHEAD in our class schedule (I will post a revised schedule tomorrow) – in other words, Tuesday’s class will be Thursday, Thursday’s class next Tues. etc. OUR FINAL CLASS – ALLOCATED TO THE FINAL TEST – WILL BECOME A SELF-SCHEDULED TEST to take place between 11:59 a.m. December 15 and 11:59 a.m. December 16.  The actual method will be that you will email me when you are ready to write – I will send you the test and you will have 60 minutes to send it back (closed book – homor code in effect).

Madelin!!  You did not return Murderball on Friday!! You need to find Rachel and get the film to her to copy – then put the thumb drive back into my mailbox as soon as the college opens!

Re: absences – just a reminder that the policy at Smith is that student’s attend all classes (except for medical and personal emergencies).  Personally, there is no penalty in our class – where attendance comes into play at the end of the semester when I calculate your final grade – those who have great attendance will get the benefit of the doubt when it comes  to converting percentages to letter grades – for example an “A-” percentage of 92.3 might get bumped to an “A” percentage of 93.

We will start the “competency, ungraded quizzes this Thurs. (check previous posts on our class blog).

Hope everyone survived ok – safe Halloween!



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