PST Programs

Some of you are expressing the sentiment that you are having difficulty picturing the final product of your PST program.

For those in the above situation have you tried using the SPORT Discus database (that I demonstrated in class – accessible through the Smith Libraries page) to find several (there will be at least 20-30+ for each of your sports except dance/yo-yo) Journal article reports (similar to Seabourne et al.) on PST?

If you have not, you might ask yourself “why not”?

If you recall, each class I spend at least a few minutes talking about the research methods used (including the history of their use) in sport psychology.  Recall that the first step in the research process is to find out what has been done before – which is why every journal article starts with a “mini-review” of literature.

So if you are still uncertain about either your program or your the report on your program, try searching “psychological skills” (or similar terms like “mental training”) and “your sport/activity”.

See you in class!


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