Bank of Final Test Questions

Here is the file with the bank of final test questions:  ESS220 2011 Final Test Question Bank.

As discussed in class the questions are all items I have either lectured on – or were key concepts contained in the text references for each module/assignment – essentially  – these are the key bits of information a student must know when graduating from this course. So these items are important – and 90% have been covered by me in lectures – 100% are found in the text.

I have arranged the questions by Chapter – which is probably the best method for you to study (as opposed to listing the questions by Film – as Chapter content is spread across films – e.g., there were 5 chapters related to Billy Elliot).

I am adjusting the test period to:  WILL BECOME A SELF-SCHEDULED TEST to take place between 11:59 a.m. December 15 and 11:59 a.m. December 20.  The actual method will be that you will email me 24 hours ahead to notify me of when you are ready to write – I will send you the test and you will have 60 minutes to send it back (closed book – honor code in effect).  I have added four days to your window to align with the actual posting of the test bank of questions – so you will still have the allotted study time contained in the syllabus if you wish.

Those who wish to test Thursday – you could conceivably be all done on Thursday! (as we originally intended in the design of the course – as this is probably the busiest and most stressful time of year for students).

The 50 questions will be in a Word document – you will use the highlighter tool to highlight the correct answer.

See you tomorrow for our last topic/analysis!



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