A League of Their Own


Sport Psychology Topics: Multidimensional Model of Leadership in Sport (MML) and “Organizational Justice” (Fairness)


From Weinberg & Gould (2007)


Overview: By analyzing the film “A League of Their Own” we are seeking to answer the questions: 1) What sort of leadership behaviors do female athletes prefer?  We will use both Chelladurai’s leadership model (the MML) and leadership preferences questionnaire, the Revised Leadership for Sport Scale (RLSS), to help us analyze the film.  The RLSS has six subscales measuring preference for leadership behaviors (autocratic, instructional, etc.); 2) Is Jimmy (the coach in “League”) a “fair coach? We will use two aspects of organizational justice, procedural justice and distributive justice, to evaluate his fairness (text, p. 151).

Paper Description:

  1. Use the MML to analyze and explain Jimmy’s leadership in the film.
  2. Find examples of the team’s “preferred leader behavior“- one example for each of the subscales of the LSS.
  3. Find examples of Jimmy’s “actual behavior” – one example for each of the subscales of the LSS.
  4. Assess the team’s a) satisfaction (with the team and Jimmy’s leadership behavior) and b) performance (at baseball) and c) cohesion at both the start and end of the film.
  5. Briefly comment on those aspects (subscales of the LSS) that Jimmy changed over the course of the film.
  6. Briefly comment on whether or not you feel Jimmy is a fair leader (cite at least two examples of organizational justice).

Due date for League paper is 11:59 a.m. next Tuesday, December 7th.  Please make sure you pay attention to APA (my previous feedback).



  • Here is an outline of a paper on the topic from a previous class:

  • Here is my “pre-lecture” from last year’s class:

Can coaches change their leadership style/communication?


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