Billy Elliot

Sport Psychology Topics: 1) Harter’s Competence Motivation Theory; 2) Imagery for dance (Hall and colleague’s Applied Model of Imagery Use in Sport) .

The central questions we are seeking to answer are a) how do we explain Billy’s motivation to discontinue boxing and take up ballet; and b) how can we understand Billy’s use of imagery in the film?

References for this Film Analysis


Text: Chapter 13 – Imagery

Fish, L., Hall, C., & Cumming, J.  (2004).  Investigating the use of imagery by elite ballet dancers. AVANTE, 10, pp. 26-39. Download article:  Imagery in Ballet

Competence Motivation

Text: There are several chapters in the text with “valuable” background reading – both new and material we have already covered that facilitate understanding of Harter’s model (i.e., if you want to “fully” understand the implications of the model you should read this material).

Ch. 3 – Motivation, Ch. 6 – Intrinsic Motivation, Ch. 14 – Confidence, Ch. 22 – Children & Sport Psychology

Brustad, R.J. (1986). Affective outcomes in competitive youth sport:  The influence of intrapersonal and socialization factors, pp. 18-25. Unpublished Thesis.:  Brustad (1986)

Feltz, D. L. (1988). Self-confidence and sports performance. Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews, 16, 423-45: Feltz (1988)

Weinberg & Gould, 2007

Paper #9 Description

Overview:  How does Billy use imagery in the film?  How can Harter’s Competence Motivation Theory help explain Billy’s choice of ballet over boxing?

Key Points:

  1. Describe and explain Billy’s use of imagery in the film, supporting your arguments with examples from the film of the five types of imagery described in Hall’s Applied Model of Imagery Use in Sport (described in Fish, Hall, & Cumming, 2004).
  2. Use Harter’s model to trace the path of Billy’s competence motivation for both ballet (the “positive” side of the model) and boxing (the “negative” side of the model).  Support your position by citing (if possible) a scene for each of the factors in Harter’s model (do not include the ones we discounted in class).
  3. Submitted as a Word document using APA style entitled “yourname.billy.doc” via e-mail by Tuesday, December 6 @ 11:59 a.m.
  4. Make sure to use the 1-2-3 paragraph structure, signposting and to keep your language and terms brief and simple (i.e., good academic writing).  It is recommended that you use a peer to look over your paper briefly and give you feedback BEFORE submitting it.

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