Pedagogical Approach

Overview of the Course  Pedagogical Approach

Smith students are expected to become acquainted with certain bodies of knowledge – but they are also expected to learn the intellectual skills necessary (Smith Design for Learning) for using and extending that knowledge. This course supports the Colleges academic priorities by explicitly ensuring that these critical abilities are included and specifically linked to evaluation components. In addition to these components foreign films play a major role in the course to combat Amero-Centrism – one of the major threats to a Smith education, and promote “globalism”, an awareness and sensitivity to the harmonious whole that we are. Evaluation components are in parentheses.

» Write clearly (papers)
» Speak articulately (hosting film viewings, presentations & class discussions)
» Reading closely (text and journal articles)
» Evaluating and presenting evidence accurately (papers written with APA citation style/referencing)
» Apply scientific reasoning (papers applying models published in scientific articles)
» Work both independently and collaboratively (Wiki, Videotaped Film Reviews, Co-hosting films, papers, peer review of papers)
» Understand multi- and interdisciplinary approaches (Cultural Studies articles)

Here is the presentation shown in the first class outlining this approach:


Student Workload


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