Bank of Final Test Questions

December 12, 2011

Here is the file with the bank of final test questions:  ESS220 2011 Final Test Question Bank.

As discussed in class the questions are all items I have either lectured on – or were key concepts contained in the text references for each module/assignment – essentially  – these are the key bits of information a student must know when graduating from this course. So these items are important – and 90% have been covered by me in lectures – 100% are found in the text.

I have arranged the questions by Chapter – which is probably the best method for you to study (as opposed to listing the questions by Film – as Chapter content is spread across films – e.g., there were 5 chapters related to Billy Elliot).

I am adjusting the test period to:  WILL BECOME A SELF-SCHEDULED TEST to take place between 11:59 a.m. December 15 and 11:59 a.m. December 20.  The actual method will be that you will email me 24 hours ahead to notify me of when you are ready to write – I will send you the test and you will have 60 minutes to send it back (closed book – honor code in effect).  I have added four days to your window to align with the actual posting of the test bank of questions – so you will still have the allotted study time contained in the syllabus if you wish.

Those who wish to test Thursday – you could conceivably be all done on Thursday! (as we originally intended in the design of the course – as this is probably the busiest and most stressful time of year for students).

The 50 questions will be in a Word document – you will use the highlighter tool to highlight the correct answer.

See you tomorrow for our last topic/analysis!



PST Programs

December 8, 2011

Some of you are expressing the sentiment that you are having difficulty picturing the final product of your PST program.

For those in the above situation have you tried using the SPORT Discus database (that I demonstrated in class – accessible through the Smith Libraries page) to find several (there will be at least 20-30+ for each of your sports except dance/yo-yo) Journal article reports (similar to Seabourne et al.) on PST?

If you have not, you might ask yourself “why not”?

If you recall, each class I spend at least a few minutes talking about the research methods used (including the history of their use) in sport psychology.  Recall that the first step in the research process is to find out what has been done before – which is why every journal article starts with a “mini-review” of literature.

So if you are still uncertain about either your program or your the report on your program, try searching “psychological skills” (or similar terms like “mental training”) and “your sport/activity”.

See you in class!

Homework for Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 30, 2011
  1. Imagery training:  complete the 4 VMBR sessions for NEXT Tuesday, December 6.  Bring your logs to class (make your own log for 4th session).
  2. I have updated the Billy assignment and references.

Homework for Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011

November 8, 2011
  1. The details for the PST program worth 20% of your grade are posted.  Assignment is due December 8.  My recommendation is you start your program ASAP (since you will do the program FIRST, and report on it SECOND).
  2. The updated syllabus is posted.
  3. Tin Cup is our next movie – I will be updating the assignment tomorrow for those interested in peeking ahead (right now the references are from last year’s text).
  4. You should have had all of your work graded and returned except for those papers turned in during the last week – please contact me if you have not received everything.
  5. We did not have time today – but we need to start the mini-quizzes next class – I will make sure we have time and will post the details by Sunday.

Tues. Nov. 1 Class cancelled and other updates!

October 31, 2011

Due to the internet-driven nature of our course and a wide variety of disablement due to power outages I am cancelling class tomorrow.

We will adjust our schedule by simply shifting one class AHEAD in our class schedule (I will post a revised schedule tomorrow) – in other words, Tuesday’s class will be Thursday, Thursday’s class next Tues. etc. OUR FINAL CLASS – ALLOCATED TO THE FINAL TEST – WILL BECOME A SELF-SCHEDULED TEST to take place between 11:59 a.m. December 15 and 11:59 a.m. December 16.  The actual method will be that you will email me when you are ready to write – I will send you the test and you will have 60 minutes to send it back (closed book – homor code in effect).

Madelin!!  You did not return Murderball on Friday!! You need to find Rachel and get the film to her to copy – then put the thumb drive back into my mailbox as soon as the college opens!

Re: absences – just a reminder that the policy at Smith is that student’s attend all classes (except for medical and personal emergencies).  Personally, there is no penalty in our class – where attendance comes into play at the end of the semester when I calculate your final grade – those who have great attendance will get the benefit of the doubt when it comes  to converting percentages to letter grades – for example an “A-” percentage of 92.3 might get bumped to an “A” percentage of 93.

We will start the “competency, ungraded quizzes this Thurs. (check previous posts on our class blog).

Hope everyone survived ok – safe Halloween!


Homework for Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 20, 2011
  1. Complete the Positive Self-Talk handout including the A,B,Cs of REBT,  Here are the links:

12 Irrational Beliefs

As we are building up your repertoire of psychological skills training examples, it is time to start think about “what would be a good goal (or goals) for my psychological skills training program”?

Homework for Thursday, October 20, 2011

October 18, 2011
  1. The thumb drive with the Invincible file is in a plastic box – clear with a white cover – labelled “ESS 220” at the equipment booth by the lower entrance to Ainsworth Gym.  The monitor can pass you the box and you can copy the film onto your laptop right then and there (ignore the “borrow” instructions written on top of the box – they are from last year when people actually borrowed the DVD to watch it).
  2. References and resources for the Invincible paper are all posted on the Invincible page along with the paper description.

Homework for Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

October 13, 2011
  1. I have posted the updated Course syllabus here.
  2. Homework is to use the SPORT DISCUS database (1.7 million records), accessible through the Smith Library Main Page (use the drop down resources menu to find Exercise & Sport Studies), to find a peer-reviewed Journal article on a PST program for your sport.  It should be an article which is a report on a PST program (i.e., participants in the study did mental training and the researchers evaluated whether or not the PST program worked). If you are a non-Smith student, you may only have access in one of the Smith Libraries (i.e., you have to go there and use a Smith computer).  Write a brief half-page summary of the article, and be prepared to present an overview of the article to your classmates (30-60s).
  3. Our first short quiz for those who have not written either the Miracle or Titans papers will take place at the end of class (if you recall:  5-6 multiple choice/short answer questions per topic – pass/fail, based mostly on the assigned text readings).
  4. Our topic next class is:  Self-Confidence (& Self-Efficacy) which will be analyzed through the film Invincible.

HIgh Quality of Pong Papers

October 10, 2011

Just a BTW that the “average” quality of our current class’ first paper is MUCH higher than your peers in the previous 5-6 years.

I attribute that to a strict S1 style in assigning the paper, especially the peer review and inclusion of viewing guide and outline in the Appendix – and of course the threat to return improperly named papers – I only had to send back one – versus the usual 6-7.

I believe this validates the SLM model:)

Due Date for Titans is Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 9, 2011
  1. A “concerned” student pointed out my “error” (smarty-pants!). (So not this upcoming Thursday – but following Tuesday).

Hope you are either enjoying your break or paying the price of being a procrastinator and catching up! Perfectonistas try and chill if you can.